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Talking Points Radio:

Description: Meet 3 moms who have come together due to a common bond to discuss the destruction of young lives due to the sex offender registry.

Hosted by: Educate All Youth

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Ohio’s new sex-offender law draws rebuke from judges
23 Jan 2008

At issue are a host of potential contradictions and constitutional questions arising from the state legislature’s attempt to comply with the federal Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.
from: The Cleveland Plain Dealer, News –

Minnesota Public Radio- A better approach to sex offender policy
June 2007
“Sometimes what happens is lawmakers don’t want to know the facts, or the facts don’t make any difference,” says Mathern. “There really are two things that affect public policy. One is the facts. The other is the feelings and political pressure. There are legislators who will say, ‘Don’t confuse me with the facts. I’ve made up my mind.'”
“These public policies have to be discussed. And the citizens have to start influencing their legislators to use facts, to use research, to use an approach that actually works, not an approach that just gets more votes,” says Mathern. “We have to make sure we aren’t shooting ourselves in the foot by being righteous, but making things worse.”

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Audio Highlights of the Ohio Senate Vote enacting the Adam Walsh Act laws ( see voting videos here). The audio quality is poor because the Ohio General Assembly website makes it very difficult to record or copy their videos. BIG shock, right?

New York Public Radio: Are sex offender laws working?
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