Why You Should Care

January 30, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

If these “Adam Walsh” laws only affect sex offenders, why should we care?

Well, when we allow elected officials to pass laws like this which curtail Constitutional Rights of one group of citizens, it becomes much easier for laws to be enacted by legislators and upheld in courts to apply to other groups of citizens.

While some may believe that the “Adam Walsh” Act and its resultant state laws are acceptable because they only apply to sexual offenders, we need to understand that these laws set legal precedent which will allow future laws to curtail the rights of other Americans.

Perhaps we may see laws passed which designate those arrested for drunk driving (DUI) as required to have a special colored license plate on their cars, even if they were convicted several years ago. Or perhaps those with any drug related offense within the past decade may be required to be listed on a local sheriff registry web page. These scenarios are not far-fetched, considering the breadth of the Adam Walsh Act provisions.

That is why you should care greatly about this abuse. The Ohio battle is on the forefront of this war to protect our Constitutional Rights. And Ohio needs to set the precedent to stand up to this abuse of power by our elected officials.

Sadly, there will always be the ignorant who make comments suggesting we “throw sex offenders off bridges” , “imprison them for life”, or advocating that we “castrate them” or “put them to death”. The ignorance of those who believe a sex offender could never be in their own family is astounding. There are families of 30,000 Ohio citizens alone who never thought their loved one would be accused of a sex crime, Yet now they face reality. Friends, parents, children and families of 30,000 Ohioans must hear the ignorance of these reactionaries.

Yes, your loved one could be sexually violated. It CAN happen to you.
, your loved one, child, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, parent or good friend could someday be a “sex offender”.
It CAN happen to you, too.

Think twice before you take Constitutional rights from other citizens. It might one day affect YOUR family too. Think about it.

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