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February 6, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

We have just begun to spread the word about this unconstitutional law passed by the Ohio Senate and House. We have just begun to call upon these elected officials to either stand and speak out publicly AGAINST the illegal implementation of this law, or to resign, or be be forced out of office.

ConstitutionalFights on YouTube:
Watch Ohio Politicians Pass an Illegal Law in an emergency vote just to get Federal Money:

The above videos of the Senate and House voting on this law can be found on the Ohio General Assembly web site and a link to each full, unedited videois listed in the “video” post here. Unfortunately but not surprisingly, they have made their public videos so difficult to copy or record, that I had to go through many levels of conversion and editing to even get a poor quality video source. The audio and video are edited and not coordinated. The video was edited to show the faces of the corrupt politicians to the public, and the audio was edited to give a sense of what was said in the voting sessions. The complete edited audio of these clips can be heard here:

The voices of the Senators in this clip are (in order): Steve Austria, Randy Gardner, Ray MIller, Shirley Smith, Lance Mason, Tom Sawyer, Teresa Fedor, Timothy Grendell, Robert Spada,Jeff Jacobson, Steve Stivers, Lance Mason, Dale Miller, Steve Stivers, Tim Schaffer, Timothy Grendell, Ron Amstutz, Tim Robersts, Steve Austria. A few of these Senators actually said “I have concerns about the Constitutionality of this law….but I’m going to vote ‘yes’ anyway”. Unbelievable! More on these corrupt politicians later…

Marc Dann and Lee Fisher are Idiots

The above video shows two Ohio politicians, Lee Fisher and Marc Dann, who supported and pushed hard to get the Adam Walsh Act law in place. These officials have no regard for the Ohio nor United States Constitutions and are in violation of their oaths of office. The legislation they espouse violates Constitutional Rights of 30,000 Ohio citizens. These two corrupt officials should be contacted with fierce opposition, be forced to stand publicly against this unconstitutional legislation and be forced to resign from office. Note: Lee Fisher doesn’t even know the proper name of the law.

Put 14 year old kids on online Sex Predator Lists:

Teenagers as young as 14 years of age will be listed on the new Sex Offender Registry ,under Adam Walsh Act legislation. These children will have their photos, home addresses and other personal information posted publicly online , which opens up other family members in their home to the same public humiliation and potential violence which they will face.

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