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Ohio AG Marc Dann, Sex Charges

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Sexual Harassment , Corruption Charges involving Ohio Attorney General, Marc Dann…….
Evidence of Lying, Obstructing Justice, Calls for Dann to Resign or be Impeached:

10May 2008:
The phone number to Marc Dann’s office is (614) 466-4320.
Or you can email Marc Dann directly at

2 May 2008:
Marc Dann Under Fire : Marc Dann admits to sexual affair with office subordinate. Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann says he is “heartbroken by my failure” to recognize and stop problems in his office, in the wake of completion of a probe of sexual harassment complaints and other staff problems in his office. He then acknowledged having a romantic relationship with a subordinate and apologized to his wife and children.
“I have not conducted my self in a way that is consistent with my values …,” he said.

Ben Espy, the executive assistant AG, cited a hostile work environment created by Gutierrez, an office rampant with rumor and inappropriate fraternization, and “poor judgment” on Dann’s behalf.

As for whether Dann, who is married, had an affair with Jessica Utovich, Dann’s former scheduler and the office’s travel director: Both declined to answer that question, Espy said. Espy added, “The refusal is an answer itself.” Utovich acknowledged delivering schedules to Dann’s Dublin condo, and the investigation concluded that she had stayed overnight on more than one occasion. “I don’t think you deliver a schedule overnight,” Espy noted. Dann admitted he did get involved in a romantic relationship that caused his family immense hurt and embarrassment.

We must demand the resignation of Marc Dann. He has demonstrated a shameful disrespect for his office and position and has embarrassed the state of Ohio long enough. The corruption, immorality and abuse of his office will not be allowed to continue. he must be forced to resign. Contact Marc Dann himself at telephone: 614-466-4320. They cowardly don’t post an email address at the Attorney General web page, but inquiries can be sent here: has full coverage of the Marc Dann scandals., 19 April 2008: A woman claims she was sexually harassed by a top aide to Attorney General Marc Dann. Police were asked to investigate the matter Friday, intensifying pressure at the office of Ohio’s top law enforcer. Stankoski’s plan to seek a criminal investigation was first reported Friday by The Columbus Dispatch and The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer. Another staffer, Vanessa Stout, also 26, has also filed claims against Gutierrez, who roomed with Marc Dann at a Dublin town house apartment at the time of one of the alleged incidents. Dann, who has not been accused of wrongdoing, was in the apartment that night, Stankoski has alleged. He recused himself from the internal investigation because of his ties to Gutierrez and the apartment.

**the irony is rich. Marc Dann’s roommate may be required by Marc Dann’s “pet” Adam Walsh Act law to register as a sex offender! ***

Text messages have reportedly been deleted to cover up this scandal involving Marc Dann, Attorney General of Ohio and his top aide. This story is sick and involves him buying her a sex toy, demanding she come over for drinks, driving his Suburban while so drunk that he hit a guard rail, showing up at a State office smelling of alcohol and vomit, and the woman waking to find her pants undone and this pervert lying next to her in his underwear . Marc Dann reportedly refuses to release email records. And now a second aide may be implicated.

Listen to Audio: Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann has been good to his friends from the Mahoning Valley, bringing more than a dozen of them to Columbus since he took office in January 2007. But sometimes, that loyalty hasn’t served him well.

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According to, several emails from Marc Dann’s office, demonstrate an odd, emotional, childish, unprofessional, and suspiciously gay-appearing relationship between Marc Dann and his aide (Marc Dann refused to release 19 emails ):

The office released about 2,200 e-mails between the attorney general and his former scheduler.
Attorney General Marc Dann’s then-scheduler chastised him in a Sept. 4 e-mail for “taking things out on me and other people here.”

Two days after that, on Sept. 6, Jessica Utovich wrote Dann, a Liberty Democrat, that she didn’t “appreciate being yelled at in front of everyone.”

In between, Dann sent an e-mail to Utovich: “You are the bff” (text-speak for “best friend forever”).
Some of the e-mails show a curious relationship between Dann and Utovich, of Columbus.

In some e-mails, the two joke with each other, but others show an emotional boss-worker relationship.

In the Sept. 4 e-mail to Dann, Utovich wrote: “Please do not EVER tell me to stop acting emotional. I try to do my job to the best that I can and you s— on it. I try my hardest to make sure you are taken care of, do what you need too (sic) and prioritize only to have you complain and change everything without telling anybody. Your emotional crap is what makes everyone else so miserable.”

A Sept. 19 e-mail to Dann from Utovich reads: “You realize everytime [sic] that you tell someone to do something re: your schedule, within this office, it allows them to continue to go behind our backs and create more problems.”

Stout said she went to the condo a few times and described Dann, Gutierrez and Jennings as “pigs” who “all drank a lot.”

In what appears to be a response to a question, Utovich wrote a Sept. 27 e-mail to Dann and Colleen K. Brown, Dann’s executive assistant, that read: “Unionize women in this place? You can’t have a conversation about anything serious with any of the guys that work here without them laughing.”

A number of the e-mails between Dann and Utovich are informal, consistent with previous Dann e-mails released by his office at the request of the media.

“Answer your text punk,” Utovich wrote Sept. 25 to Dann.

In an Oct. 10 e-mail exchange, Utovich wrote to Dann: “You look nice in the wsj (The Wall Street Journal) picture. Mean look. Grrr….”

Dann responded: “FAT.”

The two exchanged numerous late-night e-mails on Oct. 16. One sent by Utovich at 11:10 p.m. reads: “I’m cranky. The office is not so comfy to sleep in.”

In response, Dann wrote, “Use the couch.” She replied, “Use the bathroom. Locked. I don’t have your keys.” reports a history of embarassing conduct by Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann:


April 2007 — Dann fired Rick Alli, his director of law enforcement operations, after Alli failed to resign his Youngstown police job after getting his state job.

May 2007 — David L. Nelson, Dann’s driver and a member of his security detail, was fired after it was discovered he served time for involuntary manslaughter in Pennsylvania.

June 2007 — Dann spotted a reporter who had written a story Dann didn’t like and yelled, “Hey Steve, write this down: Go f— yourself.”

December 2007 — Dann disciplined Jennings for sending a profane, abusive e-mail to a co-worker.

February 2008 — Dann used a state plane and his state-owned SUV to travel to political events. He paid for the trips out of his campaign account. The SUV was purchased from a campaign contributor instead of through the state purchasing system.

Other incidents include: Responding to criticism of him, Dann, who is Jewish, sent an e-mail to Jennings saying “Jesus had it better on Good Friday.” And Dann fired his staff auditor for falsely claiming he is a certified public accountant.