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Sex Offender Registration Causing Problems for Agencies

September 12, 2008 Comments off Maine – Sex Offender Registration Causing Problems for Agencies

The state’s online sex offender registry is filled with more than 3,700 names. Each of those offenders is required to register with the local police or sheriff’s office when they move to a new community.

Local law enforcement agencies say there is a benefit to registering these offenders, but they say keeping tabs on them is taxing their departments’ resources.

Maine’s Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act was signed into law in 1999. The state began requiring local departments to register offenders in 2006. Washington County Sheriff Donnie Smith has only 8 patrolmen to cover more than 3,200 square miles. Smith said the sex offender registrations are cutting into the time his staff spends out on the roads. He said it usually takes about 40 hours per week.

“We’re not getting any support from anybody for this,” Gastia said. “This is entirely the responsibility of the city of Bangor. We’re mandated by the state. We’re responsible for finding the funding and manpower to go out and do this. It’s been very much a challenge and very taxing on us.”

“No,” Blanchette exclaimed. “We are not going to be able to fund municipalities for what they are doing because they are going to get some funding through the Adam Walsh Act which is a federal act.”