The Ultimate Lie of Adam Walsh

December 16, 2008

Google News : Fla. police close books on ’81 Walsh killing.

Today was exposed the ultimate lie behind the abduction and murder of Adam Walsh in 1981.

The man police now officially blame for his death was neither a sex offender nor a child molester. Ottis Toole died in prison more than a decade ago with no criminal history of sex offenses. He was a serial murderer. And furthermore, there has never been a shred of evidence of any sexual assault of Adam Walsh.

The ultimate lie exposed is that even with today’s draconian sex offender registration laws, the murder of Adam Walsh would not have been prevented because Mr. Toole would not have been a registered sex offender at the time.

On December 16, 2008 The Hollywood Police Department in Florida, announced that Ottis Toole was found to be guilty of the kidnapping, death and decapitation of Adam Walsh. They have since closed the case. No sexual assault was alleged.

Yet Adam’s father, John Walsh gained fame on the back of his son’s murder, and through subjecting his bitter hatred toward sex offenders of any degree. His rise to fame has come at the expense of imposing much pain into the families of hundreds of thousands of Americans who have committed sex offenses, most of which are not violent or predatory in nature.

And in the meanwhile, John Walsh admitted on CNN’s Larry King show on July 15, 2003 that he had a sexual addiction problem:

WALSH: I couldn’t deal with it. .. you know, women can be an addiction, and you have to deal with it…
KING: So you understand men who have that problem?
WALSH: Oh, I had it for years and didn’t think I had it.
KING: Everyone was shocked that you so freely admitted it when the story broke, because most guys in that situation — show me the proof, or, you know, give me the DNA.
WALSH: I think you’ve got to be a man about it. You’ve got to step up to the plate. If you’ve made a mistake, apologize for it, admit it. If you did something wrong and you hurt somebody, admit it. I don’t get the denials. Look at what it did to other people that denied it.
I made a mistake. I made a lot of mistakes. And I hurt — but, you know, that’s the way I was raised, if you do something wrong, you know, stand up, be a man and admit it. And I admitted it, and I apologized, and I’m doing the best I can.

I guess the grace of redemption only applies to Mr. Walsh…

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