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Become a ‘Minute Man’

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The RSOL Correspondence Committee has a need for bloggers, commentators, and email/letter writers.

We are forming a ‘Minute Man’ group. This group will be on call to enter into debates, post comments, write letters to authors, legislators, and others in response to articles, proposed legislation, and the Sex Offender issue in general.

If you are part of this group, you will receive an email that provides link/address and a general tenor of the type of response needed. In some cases, you will receive a pre-written letter/email that you may edit and send. To avoid being spammed, the responses will have to come directly from your computer (not simply forwarded from the RSOL CC.)

This will not require full time dedication. It will require that you check your email and respond when you are able. When entering into a blog/comment chain to an article. It will require that you continue to respond for an extended period (which can mean monitoring the chain for some days and posting some few times.)

If you are ready to begin making a difference, contact the RSOL Correspondence Committee at or visit and click on the Volunteer link.