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Juvenile Sex Offenders Can’t Live Near Schools

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File this one under the “stupid” category: : House endorses more limits for young sex offenders.

HELENA, Mont. (AP) – The House solidly endorsed a bill Friday that would prevent juvenile sex offenders from living near schools, public parks, or daycares.

The measure was endorsed 91-9. Before moving to the Senate, it must still pass one more largely ceremonial reading in the House.

The bill would extend the same limitations in place for adult sex offenders to juveniles rated most likely to re-offend.

Republican Rep. Ray Hawk of Florence (idiot) is the bill’s sponsor. He says the need for it came to his attention when he learned a juvenile offender was living within 30 feet of a school playground in his district.

The bill is House Bill 55.

So if I have this correct, juvenile sex offenders can attend the school, but they cannot live near it. Okay, I got it! Sounds like typical inane government.