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Sex Offender Moving Next Door?

February 7, 2009 Comments off

MSNBC : Sex Offender Moving Next Door?
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This is the response ConstitutionalFights sent :

“I will be interested to read the submissions for this solicitation, however I surely expect the same kind of societal hysteria to resonate whenever people are asked questions about the dreaded “sex offender” monsters.

Nevermind the fact that most sex offenders are non-violent low-risk offenders who recidivate at a rate between 5% and 8%, according to U.S. Department of Justice recidivism statistics.

Nevermind the fact that over 90% of sex offenses against children are committed by family or acquaintances.

Nevermind the fact that media almost always confuse the term “sex offender” with “sexual predator”, which is the most high-risk, violent classification.

But I am sure the comments you receive will take all of these facts into account when they send in their panicked hysterical responses, some of which will threaten to kill or dismember sex offenders, or trash any constitutional rights they have as Americans …simply because of their complete and utter misunderstanding of these facts.

It would be the right thing to do, as a media outlet, to print these facts loudly and boldly and repeatedly. Since, after all, the myths have been printed repeatedly ; mislabeling sex offenders as “predators”, echoing mythical recidivism facts, and scaring the public about how monsters are lurking around every corner and every internet page just waiting to rape their children.

Oh yeah, and it would be nice to also remind people that one day, any of us could wake to hear that someone we love just became one of those sex offender monsters !

Constitutional Fights !”