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Banishing Citizens from Public Places

February 11, 2009

wsoctv.com (Charlotte N.C.) : Charlotte-Mecklenburg school leaders passed a tougher sex offender ban Tuesday night.

CMS board members discussed the ban and then heard input from the public on the issue.

The ban prohibits any registered sex offender from being on CMS property or at any CMS event. This would include football games, field trips and bus stops.

The policy would also apply to students who have been convicted of a sex offense. The board will have to determine if the student will be allowed on campus.

(School districts have no legal authority to enforce such a “rule” and this is prime meat for a lawsuit against the school district, which they would surely lose and which will cost the taxpayers of this district millions of dollars as a result)

Acorn-online.com (Connecticut) : Sex offender ordinance completed; town vote next week.

A special town meeting on Ridgefield’s proposed sex offender ordinance is scheduled next Wednesday, Feb. 18. The ordinance designates nearly 50 parks, schools and sports centers as ‘child safety zones’ in town. Under the ordinance, a registered sex offender would be fined $250 and issued a ticket for entering those zones.

Few residents attended a public hearing on the ordinance Jan. 21 to offer opinions for or against the drafted ordinance. (the lack of public interest in this ordinance speaks volumes)

(Once again, we are seeing local school districts and municipalities banning a group of citizens from public property. Doing so will certainly not stand up to constitutional scrutiny in the courts. If these laws and rules are allowed constitutionally, why couldn’t a citizen with a criminal record of drugs, alcohol, assault, or wife-beating be banned as well? )

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