Ailing Man Forced To Move From His Home

March 11, 2009 : Ailing sex offender moves out by deadline.

A former painter, Dennis Waltz has had a heart valve replacement, a broken hip and two strokes. He needs treatment for diabetes. He spent much of his time at the Samses’ home in a recliner. He no longer drives a car. He moved out of this home on March 4.

That was a day ahead of a deadline imposed by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department in the wake of complaints from several town residents. You see, Waltz, 55, had been living with his brother-in-law, Brooklyn Town Council President Frank M. Sams, whose home was within 1,000 feet of an elementary school. As convicted sex offender who was living closer to a local school than allowed under state law, he was forced to move out of town before a deadline set by Morgan County authorities.

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