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11 Yr Old Kids on Sex Offender Registries

March 16, 2009

CFCAmerica : Children as young as 11 years old on the sex registry in America.

In research for the SOLR article, Count Analysis of the US Registries, all records of the complete public registries were obtained for nine jurisdictions (eight states plus the District of Columbia). Of these nine sex offender registries, four include date of birth in the data provided to the public. This allowed a calculation of the ages of the people listed on those registries. The results are rather startling:

Selection of State Sex Offender Registries with Age Data
State Youngest 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Total under 18
Colorado 11 3 8 47 90 132 182 192 654
Georgia 14 3 1 1 11 16
Idaho 15 6 8 19 33
Kansas 14 8 15 41 57 121

We find that all four states that provide date of birth information have juveniles on their public registries, complete with name, address, and photograph. Here is one example of a registry entry for a juvenile sex offender:

This registry entry was obtained from the Internet on May 22, 2008, when the young man in it was 16 years old. You can see that he was convicted about two years earlier, when he was 14, of “lewd conduct with minor child under 16.” He was one of 33 juveniles found on the Idaho registry when it was downloaded on August 22, 2007. Many more youngsters suffer this fate in Colorado, whose complete registry obtained on a CD from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for $20 on August 27, 2007 (without photographs but with full names and addresses) had 651 juveniles on it, including three who were only eleven years old!

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