Sex Offender Key Findings

March 16, 2009 : Key Findings

Some of the key findings of the research conducted for this website are:

  • An estimated 19,000 people are on US sex offender registries for behavior when they were children or adolescents — some younger than eleven years old — many of them for innocently “playing doctor” or for normal, consensual, teenage experimentation. See Criminalizing Child’s Play.
  • Sex offenders include people whose only crime was breastfeeding their baby or urinating behind a dumpster. See Look Who’s a Sex Offender Now!
  • One out of every 220 adult men in the United States is a registered sex offender. See Counting and Over-Counting Sex Offenders.
  • The federal sentence for photographing a 17-year-old boy with an erection is about twice as severe as for attempting to kill him — and about four times as severe as for beating him up so badly that he accidentally dies. See Throwing Away the Key.
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