The Lunsford Myth

March 23, 2009

“If you do my son like you do those predators, I will expose every case where you gave a “true” sex offender a lenient sentence.” Mark Lunsford To The Clark County Ohio Prosecutor’s Office

This link provides some very disturbing information about Mark Lunsford, father of the little girl who was so brutally and wrongfully murdered in 2005, and for whom “Jessica’s Laws” were enacted. While this man has been held up as a hero and victim as a result of this tragedy, there is a very dark side to this man’s history which is detailed here:

You will read of the facts involving his son, Joshua, who was arrested in2007 without public fanfare, for two felony sex offenses involving a 14 year old girl, whereupon he was allowed to plead to a single misdemeanor with no sex offender registration. His son then allegedly violated his probation twice and the public records were taken off the Clark County, Ohio web site.

You will also read of the police finding of child pornography images on Mr. Lunsford’s computer cache during the investigation of his missing daughter.

News Article here (PDF)

During the March 10th hearing of the U.S. Congressional subcommittee on the Judiciary, Mr. Lunsford was dragged out of the trailer once again to give his clumsy verbal testimony:
Mark Lunsford stated on the record that he felt that it was “okay” if some people were put on the sex offender registry, even if they didn’t belong there, that it was a “small sacrifice” to make …”IF it saves just one child.”

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