Ohio House Sex Offender Bill

March 25, 2009

As Introduced: 128th General Assembly, Regular Session, 2009-2010
H. B. No. 98

Introduced by Representative Courtney Eric Combs
Co-sponsors: Representatives Huffman, Grossman, Bubp, Evans, Stebelton, Harwood, Chandler, Okey, Derickson, Newcomb


To amend sections 2950.01, 2950.11, 2950.12, and 2950.13 of the Revised Code to provide notice to a long-term care facility when a Tier III or similar category sex offender/child-victim offender indicates an intent to reside in the facility or registers an address within the specified geographical notification area including the facility.

We urge ever reader of this blog to contact the each and every one of the above Representatives to tell them to stop with this ridiculous and embarrassing litany of sex offender laws in Ohio. Links to their web pages are provided above

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