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How Does Adam Walsh Act Affect You?

April 1, 2009 Comments off : If it saves one child…
A well written editorial article written by John Locke

Rights are only rights so long as they are defended for all. Creating classes, for any reason, that are outside of those protections only ensure that such classes will infinitely expand. They say ‘if it saves one child, it’s worth it’, right? Well, consider how many children are now being charged under it. How many children must be destroyed before one is saved?

Well-intentioned laws that destroy their rights, their immunities, their liberty and freedom ensure that no child will ever grow up… unmolested by the government, and with the liberties that were to be ensured into perpetuity.

Harming anyone is wrong… whether by law, or by action. Perhaps it is time to hold our legislators, or bureaucrats, our congressmen, our police officers, our corporations to task for the harm that they do, and our lawyers, judges, and those that execute the law for the harm they permit.

Korea, India Sex Offender Laws

April 1, 2009 Comments off : Lawmakers Want Still Tougher Laws on Child Sex Crime.

Legislators in South Korea are working on a plan to dismantle the nation’s statute of limitations on sex crimes, which was recently extended from seven to ten years. : Does India need sex offender registries?

Yet Another Place Sex Offenders Can’t Live

April 1, 2009 Comments off : Lawmakers debate sex offender bill.

Carson City, Nev.— Nevada lawmakers debated a bill Tuesday that would provide additional protections to victims of sex offenders, by prohibiting the offenders from moving within 1,000 feet of the victims.

Assemblyman Lynn Stewart, R-Henderson, who introduced AB325 , told the Assembly Corrections, Parole and Probation Committee that as the law is written now, offenders could move across the street or next door to their victims. (Where will these boundaries end?)