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Arkansas Sex Offender Bill Fails Without Vote

April 6, 2009

Fox16.com : Law to keep sex offenders away from school fails.

Arkansas – A push to crack down on sex offenders on school campuses failed at the capitol. Legislators in the Senate say the bill could unfairly target the wrong people.

Representative Donna Hutchinson’s bill would require offenders to be chaperoned if they’re on campus. She told the Senate judiciary committee it also targets teachers who abuse their students. But committee members questioned specifically which offenders the bill targets. That’s something even Hutchinson struggled with. “We acknowledge that labeling these predators is a little fuzzy and none of us quite understand it.”

That fuzziness did not sit well with the committee, one that’s known for killing bills for lack of clarity. This bill failed without a vote.

“I think they were thinking more about that small minority in the second level that will never commit a crime again but when you’re making law you can’t do that.”

Clearly, this woman is an idiot who thinks it is perfectly fine to punish and banish an entire group of citizens because some of them MIGHT re-offend. We urge all readers to contact her office at: Phone: 479-876-6011 eMail: hutchinsond@arkleg.state.ar.us

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