MS Wants Tougher Sex Offense Laws

April 7, 2009 : Supes want tougher sex offender laws.

Some DeSoto County supervisors want to take a look at strengthening laws that govern restrictions and public disclosure of convicted sex offenders living in the county. District 4 Supervisor Allen Latimer said that convicted sex offenders shouldn’t live within 2,500 feet of where children congregate. (Now it’s up to a half mile, which makes most parts of most cities off-limits to any person with a sex offense in their history).
“They’ve (sex offenders) brought it on themselves,” Latimer said (This man needs to be impeached; he thinks he is a judge who doles out punishment, but he is a lowly small town county supervisor).

Effective in 2008, that law was strengthened to prevent sex offenders from living within 1,500 feet of any child-care agency, a group home, playground, ball park or any other recreational facility used by individuals aged 18 and under.

District 1 Supervisor Jessie Medlin said he thinks DeSoto County should consider making sex offenders place signs in their yards stating they are sex offenders, similar to what some parishes in Louisiana require. (..or perhaps residents of Desoto County, MS should insist these ignorant spuervisors place signs in their front yards so the children of the town can stay away from them as well).

County attorney Tony Nowak said privacy issues might come into play if that requirement was mandated. (Novak sems to be the only county officialwith any sense)

Juveniles convicted as adults and juveniles who received adjudications or probationary sentences in youth court also must register if offenses involve use of force against the victim.

Temporary residents who reside, abide or lodge in Mississippi for a period of four days in a month, consecutive or nonconsecutive, or 14 days total in a calendar year must register. This would include sex offenders living in recreational vehicles at RV parks.

Contact the County Supervisors here – the lame web page indicates that this must be a rural redneck smaltown.

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