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Fearful Mother Panics About Sex Offenders

April 15, 2009 Comments off (Ohio): Mother urges stricter guidelines on sex offenders.

Kristi Benton won’t let her 11-year-old son walk behind her home on Woodtrail Drive to visit his dad by himself. (97% of sex assaults on children are committed by family or acquaintances)

She’s fearful of a convicted Tier III sex offender living near her condo, which is a few hundred feet from the Fairfield Aquatics Center. She asked council to support Ohio House Bill 11, which would expand Sexual Offender Registration and Notification law restrictions. The proposed law would prohibit convicted sex offenders from living within 1,000 of where children frequent or linger — like a recreation center, playground or pool. Only accredited day cares and schools are protected under the current law.

She also lied about sex offender recidvism statistics (see U.S. Dept of Justice Data here).

Her email is written in the story if you would like to contact her. And we have previously urged all readers to contact Ohio House members to object to these two bills.

MO Supreme Court Related Rulings

April 15, 2009 Comments off (St. Louis) : Missouri Supreme court upholds 2005 child-visitation law for sex offenders.

The state Supreme Court has upheld a 2005 law prohibiting child sex offenders from having unsupervised visits with their children.

The unanimous ruling Tuesday reverses the decision of a Cole County judge who had struck down the law as it applied to a divorced sex offender seeking time alone with his two children. (St. Louis) : Mo. Supreme Court says psychologist licensure cannot stop hearing for sex offender.

The Missouri Supreme Court has ruled against a sex offender seeking to avoid further confinement by challenging his psychological evaluation as a “sexually violent predator.”