A Reader Writes…

April 20, 2009

One of the many emails we receive from readers of our blog:

“Some things that are not always raised about these laws that our politicians pass for their votes into office:

These laws remind me of the tracking and incarceration of the Jewish people during Hitlers rule over Germany. Discrimination also comes to mind, which by the way, we do have laws in this country against discrimination in all forms. What about my rights to privacy, which the privacy act was passed in this country so we can maintain our privacy. I answer my door several times a year between my annual registration date by any and all law enforcement offices (seems like it’s over supervision). I don’t have a social life. The only thing might be an occasional night at the movie theater. I feel very uncomfortable at times even going to the store. I don’t mean to cry, but I did my time and the punishment should be finished, but it doesn’t end. It is a constant mental battle to maintain a normal way of life. The policy makers are making that even more difficult for us out here living through these laws, and I am not alone feeling this way. A lot of us feel like we are targets as well to any kind of vigilant(e) individuals. I like hearing the good news you have on your web site, it gives us (Registered Sex Offenders) hope that there are people out there with down to earth common sense. Thank You!”

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