Forcing Sex Offenders to Pay Fees

April 23, 2009 ( Cincinnati) : Sex Offenders Must Pay To Register In Butler Co. –
New Policy Allowed Under Ohio Law, Sheriff Says.

Sex offenders will be required to pay each time they appear for their court-ordered registration, under a new Butler County policy.

Sheriff Richard Jones said that convicted sex offenders will be billed $25 for their initial registration, each time they register a new address with the court, or verify their current address.

The policy, which goes into effect June 1, is allowed under Ohio law, Jones said, as long as offenders are not billed more than $25 per registration or $100 per year.

Now, not only are the rights of 600,000 sex offenders in this nation being violated, but “fines” are also being imposed. Yet, the courts still refuse to see any of this as “punishment”! Understand that these laws are making it virtually impossible for sex offenders to find jobs, earn money or find legal housing. Yet, many counties across the state are forcing former offenders to pay fees each time they are required to register,up to four times each year, for life.

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