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Taking Professional Licenses from Sex Offenders

May 12, 2009 Comments off (Boston) : Call for stricter sexual offender registry.

Republican State Representative Karyn Polito has spent much of her political career fighting for tougher legislation when it comes to sex offenders in the Bay State. Now, she is taking that fight a step further after learning a man convicted of groping a teenage girl and exposing himself on the MBTA Green Line still holds a state license to sell real estate. “When it comes to holding a license, that’s a privilege,” Polito said.

She’s drafting legislation that would expand the list of crimes requiring offenders to register with the state — it would also bar those offenders from getting any professional state license.

So this idiot legislator from Massachusetts wants to make it even more difficult for ex offenders to re-integrate into society, and to have any profession which requires a professional license. These kind of foolish lawmakers are what put our communities at greater danger, by ostracizing ex -sex offenders to be branded for life, and making it impossible to re-integrate into normal lives. We urge all readers in Massachusetts to contact this woman to insist that she become more informed on this issue.
Telephone: 617-722-2230 District Office: 508-845-2300

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