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Group Wants to Restrict Sex Offenders’ Activities

August 1, 2009 Comments off : Group wants to restrict Rochester sex offenders’ activities.

These “banishment advocate” types just keep getting more and more stupid…

Rochester – A group of concerned parents and teachers are researching possible sex offender ordinances to address their concern about the growing sex offender population in the city.

The group is trying to avoid an ordinance that restricts where sex offenders live, such as the one in neighboring Dover, because of the current legal issues such ordinances are facing.

Instead, they are looking at ordinances that restrict certain activities by sex offenders who are in the vicinity of children. For example, one possible ordinance would ban sex offenders from carrying cameras or recording equipment in areas where children congregate. Another one would prevent offenders from being in parked cars near children.

“If someone is reformed and behaves, they can live and do what they want (except be in a parked car or carry a camera, you mean?) but if they don’t behave, we want the tools in place to punish them,” said city resident John Glennon, one of the parents leading the charge.

(the problem with that inane statement, Mr. Glennon, is that you as a citizen have no authority to punish anyone …particularly after their serve their legal court-ordered sentence , or outside the courtroom)