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13 Yr Old Can Never Return Home Again

August 3, 2009 Comments off : 13 Year Old Can Never Go Home Again!

I am the mother of a juvenile sex offender. My son was 13 when he was convicted and he spent 2 1/2 years in DOC. He is now in treatment which is part of his parole. Treatment will be for 1 year. He will be on parole until the age of 21. He has to register as a sex offender for life and is never allowed to return home because his siblings are minors.

This is my nightmare that I have been living with, already for three years, and evidently for all our lives.

Children of Sex Offenders Ignored

August 3, 2009 Comments off : Children of Sex Offenders Ignored.

I think that the children of sex offenders are being ignored. Their lives because of the new sex offender laws are being changed drastically as well. Children of sex offenders are no longer able to go anywhere with their parent that offers children activities. Families of sex offenders are being terribly affected by these laws. There are no family outings to the parks, swimming pools, children themed restaurants, or even church. This is not a pro family law. It needs to be revised right now. Offenders can not go to there children s schools, or day cares. They can not even pick them up or drop them off. I live in NC and believe that some one should bring this to the attention of the general public. Not everyone registered as a sex offender is a evil person waiting to do it again. There are innocent people who have been convicted wrongly, and some who were guilty but will not re-offend. The sex offender registry covers such a broad area of sex offenses, to target all sex offenders and their families is wrong.

Add Juveniles to Sex Offender Lists or Lose Grants

August 3, 2009 Comments off (Oklahoma) : Add Juveniles to Sex Offender Lists or Lose Grants.

The state could see a 10 percent decrease in their grant if they don’t start adding juveniles to the sex offender lists.

The executive director at the Office of Juvenile Affairs said that complying with the act may not even be worth it, because the state would be losing even more money with costly programs added to the system.

“Complying with the Walsh Act may cost more than the grants that’s going to be saved,” said Gene Christian, Executive Director at the Office of Juvenile Affairs.