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Police : Tracking Sex Offenders is More Difficult

August 14, 2009 Comments off : Police say tracking sex offenders difficult.

80% of Tulsa is off limits to sex offenders because they can not live near schools, parks, daycare centers or playgrounds. Officials say if sex offenders can’t legally register their addresses, they won’t register at all.

Sgt. John Adams oversees the Sex Offender Registry for the Tulsa Police Department. He told 2NEWS, “I want to know where they are at. I don’t want them underground. And that is what is happening is they are going underground. So it has made our jobs a lot tougher.”

Adams says since the tougher residency restrictions took effect in 2006, the number of offenders on the registry has fallen from 512 to 321. Adams doesn’t believe they moved away, but instead are in violation.

OK Lawmakers Wants Death for Sex Offenders

August 14, 2009 Comments off : Lawmaker Wants Death For Molesters.

It was all just a matter of time. Once you demonize a group, it becomes much easier to just euthanize them all. Ask the Jews in Nazi Germany.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – A state lawmaker plans to file legislation next year to impose life in prison or the death penalty on repeat child molesters. Rep. Rex Duncan of Sand Springs says the idea is the result of the arrest of Marcus Berry.

Berry is a two-time convicted sex offender who police say kidnapped a two-year-old girl from her front yard in Tulsa on Wednesday.

Officers say the girl was naked and in a pickup truck with the 56-year-old Berry when they found them.

Berry was convicted in 1986 and again in 1993 when he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. But he served less than 13 years before being released.

Duncan says his bill will allow the death penalty to be considered for those convicted of a second molestation offense.
( “A two strikes, your’e dead” law)

Rex Duncan’s email address.

VT Out-of-State Sex Offenders Stay Off Registry

August 14, 2009 Comments off : Out-of-State Sex Offenders Stay Off Registry.

Two sex offenders were successful in their bid to keep their names off the internet version of the Vermont Sex Offender Registry. At least for now.

A judge ruled Wednesday, Aug 12, 2009, that the names of Vermont residents convicted of sexual offenses in other states cannot be posted on the state’s expanded internet registry.

Two Caledonia County men who were convicted of sex crimes in other states in the 90s went to court arguing the public posting violates their offenders’ rights. But the merits of their lawsuit were not heard because lawyers discovered an error in the way the new law was written.

So for now, no people with out of state offenses will be on the list. Lawmakers say they’ll fix the problem in January.