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The Emerging Criminal War on Sex Offenders

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Social Science Research Network : The Emerging Criminal War on Sex Offenders.
Article by Corey Rayburn Yung, The John Marshall Law School – August 16, 2009

This article addresses four central questions. First, what is the difference between normal law enforcement policy and a “war” on crime? Second, assuming such a line can be discerned, has the enactment of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act (“AWA”) in combination with other sex offender laws triggered a transition to a criminal war on sex offenders? Third, if such a criminal war is emerging, what will be the likely effects of such a transition? Fourth, if such a criminal war is emerging with substantial negative consequences, can it be stopped?

By reviewing America’s history of criminal wars, primarily in the War on Drugs, the article identifies three essential characteristics of a criminal war: marshaling of resources, myth creation, and exception making. It concludes that the federalization of sex offender policy brought about by the AWA elevated law enforcement to a nascent criminal war on sex crimes. This change could have repercussions as substantial as the drug war has had on American criminal justice and society.

Board of 3 Votes to Allow Sex Offenders to Move In

August 17, 2009 Comments off : Sex offender advisory board OKs four residency requests.

Is this really what this country is to become? A panel of three citizens gets to vote on whether a human being who committed a sex offense over a decade ago is allowed to move into the area?

The three board members attending Wednesday’s meeting — Renee Keehan, Louis Del Frate and Ben Heiman — voted to allow Konshak to buy and move into a home at xxxx Street.

Konshak served almost 10 years in prison for a sex crime in 1992. He has stayed out of trouble since being released and is working full time at and living in an apartment at xxx xxxxx Ave.

The board voted to approve three other appeals.