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Del: Ban on Renting to Sex Offenders

August 23, 2009 Comments off (Delaware) : Laurel Landlords Face New Rules on Renting to Sex Offenders.

Laurel,Del.- Those who own rental property in Laurel may face some new rules when it comes to renting to sex offenders. The Laurel Town Council considered the first reading of a new ordinance this week that prohibits rental property owners from renting to sex offenders if the unit is located 1,000 feet from a school, youth center or day care.

The ordinance would prohibit renting to high-risk sex offenders.

It would also prohibit landlords from allowing more than one sex offender to reside in any one building, with some exceptions.

Landlords who rent to a sex offender must inform people who live within 500 feet of the rental unit.

The stupidity of these laws is astounding. Making life as difficult and unstable as possible for an ex sex offender will only increase the risk of re-offending. And this is not to mention the constitutional and moral questions which arise from such social banishment laws. On whichever basis, towns like Laurel will get what they deserve as a result.

WI Now Also Charging Sex Offenders $100

August 23, 2009 Comments off

From a reader in Wisconsin who informs us that sex offenders are being “raped” and charged $100 per year for the privilege of registering with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections so that they can be publicly shamed:

“They are charging us $100 a year, too. They started last year. We received a letter in June that I had to pay $100 and again in August that it was now an additional $100 for the next year. I did not pay it and they took it out of my state tax refund. I am tired of changing the rules. I went from an 15 year registry to a life sentence.”