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Schools to Report Kids’ Sex Concerns

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gastongazette (N.C.): Teachers asked to look for signs of child abuse as students return to school.

Enter Big Brother to the rescue to decide whether YOUR kids might have been sexually exposed in your home. We hope you understand what this means; if your child demonstrates any of the signs listed in this article, schools may report your family to local police!

Through its Children’s Advocacy Center, Hope Circle helps police and prosecutors conduct recorded interviews with child victims of physical and sexual abuse. The nonprofit group also offers counseling services for victims and non-offending family members through a partner group, Assault and Victimization Intervention and Deterrence.

Laurie McClure, director of Hope Circle, is asking teachers, administrators, counselors and coaches to offer help to children who show signs of potential abuse. Concerns should be reported to social workers or local police, she said.

In the majority of cases — 25 — the alleged offender was a relative other than the child’s parent. Eleven alleged offenders were parents, and one was a stepparent, according to data Hope Circle provided to the National Children’s Alliance. (Again, the evidence shows that most sex offenses occur within the family, not strangers in parks)