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Ex Sex Offender Murdered in Own Home

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DetroitNews : Sex offender’s stabbing was an act of ‘vigilantism’.

Dennis Raymond McCarthy, 64, was murdered in his home by an intruder about 4 a.m. Sunday. An autopsy determined he died from multiple stab wounds suffered after he awoke to his wife screaming because someone had entered their home through an unlocked rear door.

The person responsible is identified as a stocky white man in his 20s, about five feet, eight inches tall, with brown hair and wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. The man fled the house and his whereabouts are unknown.

Solving McCarthy’s slaying, and determining the motive for it, has fallen into the hands of Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Gary Muir, a 31-year police veteran who has been involved in some of the area’s most grisly crimes.

Muir believes McCarthy’s death was not random violence by a frightened burglar, but rather that McCarthy was targeted possibly because of past criminal history. He was convicted in 2008 for second-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a 4-year-old family member and acquitted in 2004 of allegations he molested five girls, aged eight to 10 years old. He had been released from jail August 17 and was serving a nine-month probation at home with an electronic tether.

“There was no attempt to harm his wife, there were no items stolen from the home and the person responsible — once he was discovered — could have easily run out the back door but instead attacked him (McCarthy),” Muir said.

Anyone with information in the McCarthy killing is asked to contact state police at (248) 634-3512 or (313) 237-2450.

This murderer must be captured and sentenced to life in prison (1st degree murder). Justice is justice.. and justice is blind. Murder is and has always been in this country, a more severely punished crime than sex abuse, although you’d never know that from recent laws which banish and ostracize sex offenders in our communities, even after they have served their sentences.

The local authorities who posted this man’s sex offender registry information online should be prosecuted for criminal negligence and accessory to murder , in providing the murderer directions to his home via online registry