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Official Colorado Sex Offender Statistics

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The Office of Sex Offender Management -Division of Criminal Justice – Colorado Department of Public Safety :
Research Report Findings.

Sexual Offending Statistics:
• Most sex offenses are committed in the residence of the offender or the victim.
78% to 90% of victims of sexual assault know their abuser.
Stranger abductions accounted for only .00015% of all child victim cases in the year 2000.

Report on Safety Issues Raised by Living Arrangements for Location of Sex Offenders in the Community – Executive Summary:

Although residences’ proximity to schools and childcare centers was not specifically analyzed; two things could be inferred from maps created for this project. One, in urban areas, a large number of schools and childcare centers are located within various neighborhoods, leaving extremely limited areas for sex offenders to reside if restrictions were implemented. Second, sex offenders who have committed a criminal offense (both sexual and non-sexual) while under criminal justice supervision appear to be randomly scattered throughout the study areas — there does not seem to be a greater number of these offenders living within proximity to schools and childcare centers than other types of offenders. In addition to the maps, the state of Iowa’s legal challenge to their law provides some insight into the constitutionality of restricting sex offender residences.

Recommendation: Placing restrictions on the location of correctionally supervised sex offender residences may not deter the sex offender from re-offending and should not be considered as a method to control sexual offending recidivism.