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Sex Offender Maps

September 20, 2009 Comments off

Take a look at the sex offender location maps below which we found for 13 metropolitan areas – small to large cities – across the nation (Atlanta; Boise- Cincinnati- Dallas- Ft. Wayne, Indiana- Houston- Johnson County , Kansas- Las Vegas- Manhattan- Northern Virginia- Raleigh- Sacramento- San Francisco).

The estimated number of “sex offenders” across the nation is approximately 660,000 and growing each and every day. The questions we pose to you are:

1. How do you think these maps will change over time as “sex offender” populations grow in every metro area?

2. Are the locations of sex offenders on these maps making your family safer?

3. Don’t we need to find a better way of dealing with the fact that there are this many “sex offenders’ registered in every city in our nation?

As part of our efforts in fighting for reforms of these draconian sex offender laws, we believe that listing every citizen with a sex-related crime on the registries dilutes the registries purpose; which apparently is to inform communities where potentially high-risk offenders are located. For this reason, we believe only high risk offenders should be registered to make the registries serve the function for which they were designed. We also believe that these registries should be held by law enforcement authorities only and not made publicly accessible, as this only provides a means for vigilantes to commit acts of violence against the citizens listed on the registries.