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Jon Husted Is Not Legal Resident in His District

September 23, 2009

dayton.bizjournals.com : Ohio Secretary of State rules against Husted in residency dispute.

Secretary of State hopeful and Republican state Sen. Jon Husted says he isn’t giving up the fight in a protracted dispute over his residency, which ended in a late-night ruling on Monday that he isn’t a legal resident of Kettering.

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, issued a 12-page ruling to the Montgomery County Board of Elections stating Husted isn’t eligible to vote there. Questions were raised over Husted’s residency a year ago and led to two tied votes before the Montgomery County elections board, which Brunner was required by the Ohio Supreme Court to break before Tuesday.

Case law, Brunner wrote, states a person’s intention is important but that must go hand-in-hand with evidence that backs it up. Monday’s ruling cites utility records showing “sporadic” usage of the Kettering home, including a five-month period last year in which no water use was recorded there.

“While Senator Husted’s subjective testimony claims an intention to return to a ‘fixed’ habitation, the weight of the evidence based on his actions and those of his family under the relevant legal provisions tip the scale so clearly against his assertions that I am convinced and hold the firm belief that he is no longer a resident of Montgomery County and therefore is not eligible to vote there,” Brunner wrote.

“Today’s ruling calls into question the legitimacy of Husted’s candidacy for Secretary of State, because someone running to be Ohio’s chief elections officer should follow Ohio elections law,” Chairman Chris Redfern said in a statement. “The Ohio Democratic Party will continue to remind voters about Jon Husted’s questionable residency status.”

We have reported several times on this matter. Mr. Husted, along with Senator Steve Austria of the Ohio Legislature are two of those who are responsible for violation the constitutional rights of over 30,000 Ohio citizens. They often thump their chests, proud of their efforts to instate the disastrous Adam Walsh Act laws in Ohio. And now, Husted, who wants to be Ohio Secretary of State is found guilty of violating Ohio election laws in listing his address falsely.

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