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Sexting Teen Put on Sex Offender Registry

September 24, 2009

onenewsnow.com : Sexting teen ends up on sex offender registry.

The Iowa Supreme Court has sent a strong message about “sexting” in the most recent ruling stemming from a 2005 case involving 18-year-old male XXX.

The girl receiving the pictures was 14 years old. XXX’s attorney appealed a jury verdict to the Iowa Supreme Court, and the court agreed that the pictures involved obscenity and upheld the decision. XXX received probation. “But he also has to register as a sex offender — and [he] may be on that sex offender registry for a lifetime,” Pat Trueman, special counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, adds.

The court concluded that even though the girl asked for the pictures, XXX still had a legal obligation not to send them.

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