Gun Offender Registries

October 12, 2009

We told you this was coming; Public Internet registries are now springing up all across the nation
( gun offender registries, violent crime registries, and animal cruelty registries, to name a few).
Soon, half our nation’s population will be listed on a public Internet registry. Where will we be then? Safer? (Albany, NY): Gun offender registry proposed.

The law, similar to the sex offender registry, would require any person convicted of criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree to register their addresses with police and report personally to Utica Police every six months. Registration requirements would continue for four years after offenders are released.

“It makes sure police know where that person is. It makes sure that the offender knows they’re being watched. And if somebody fails to register or if somebody gives false information, that in itself becomes a basis for a violation and an arrest,” said criminal justice coordinator for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

New York, NY Chapter 10-601 “Gun Offender Registration Act” (Baltimore) : Gun offender registry yields first criminal charge.

There are currently 76 people who have been convicted of gun crimes who will have to register upon release.

Dixon signed the Gun Offender Registry Act into law Sept. 20 of last year, and it took effect Jan. 1. The city ordinance requires gun offenders to register with the Police Department immediately upon release from imprisonment and every six months afterward for three years.

A gun offender who violates the act, which applies to every gun conviction in Baltimore, faces up to a year in prison or a $1,000 fine. Each day the violation continues constitutes a separate violation, prosecutors said.

Baltimore, MD Council Bill 07-0738

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