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Mom Wants Sex Offenders Banned from Halloween

October 15, 2009

fox28.com (Indiana) : Elkhart mom wants sex offenders out of Halloween fun.

She wants to protect your kids from saying “Trick or Treat” at the wrong house. An Elkhart mother is teaming up with Indiana State Representative Jackie Walorski to try to make it illegal for sex offenders to participate in Halloween festivities.

“Fright for Your Right” is the name Elkhart mom Melody Blessing coined for the bill. It would be modeled after a Michigan law that would prevent sex offenders from handing out candy or having Halloween decorations that may lure kids onto their property.

Hey lady. what are you going to do about an ex offender who has a child who wants to trick-or-treat or participate in the holiday? What about the rights of that family?

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