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OH Fiscal Impact for SORNA /Adam Walsh Act

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Fiscal Note & Local Impact Statement:
for Senate Bill 10, as passed by the Ohio Senate (127 th General Assembly of Ohio)
for Sex Offender Registration and Notification Law and criminal offense changes-

(1) Potential gain in federal Adam Walsh Act grants, magnitude and timing uncertain;
(2) Potential,
minimal at most, gain in locally collected court costs

(1) Potential significant increase in annual incarceration costs to DRC;
(2) Costs to modify existing sex offender registry and related Internet database, estimated at
$475,000 in one-time expenses and $85,000 annually thereafter for software maintenance services

The National Juvenile Justice Network provides a chart which shows that for all states, the first-year cost of implementing SORNA outweighs the cost of losing 10 percent of the state’s Byrne Grant money (the consequence of not complying with SORNA by the deadline). The study also gives detailed information on the cost analyses performed by Ohio and Virginia.

Ohio will spend 18.6 million dollars to implement the SORNA laws in 2009. In return for implementing this law before the deadline, Ohio will receive $622,383 (the 10% of Byrne Funding).

In other terms, Ohio will spend 30 times more to implement these laws than it will receive by the federal government for doing so.

Once on a Registry, Your Life is Pretty Much Shot

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“Once you’re on a publicly accessible registry, your life is pretty much shot”

-U.S. Congressman Bobby Scott
United States House of Representatives
Committee on the Judiciary March 10, 2009 Hearing on
Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (Adam Walsh Act)

Watch video here: