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MA : No-go for Sex Offender Law

October 27, 2009 Comments off : No-go for sex offender bylaw.

Plymouth – A proposal to restrict where Level 3 sex offenders can live in Plymouth and where sex offenders whose crime involved a child can loiter gained little traction Monday night as representatives argued the pros and cons of the plan. In the end, Town Meeting struck down the proposal, which would have prevented Level 3 sex offenders from living within 2,500 feet, or half a mile, of any school, daycare center, elderly housing complex, park or recreation facility.

If passed, the proposal would also have restricted sex offenders whose offense involved a child from being in a town or state park.

But Precinct 12 Rep. Bill Abbott, an attorney, said the bylaw, if adopted, would leave Plymouth vulnerable to a myriad of lawsuits.

“This bylaw is going to be a lawyer’s delight,” he added, noting that Dover, N.H., passed a similar restriction that was promptly appealed and overturned by the courts. In this case, the court ruled that the state failed to prove a connection between the restriction and safer children. In addition, the court ruled the measure violated these felons’ civil rights.

The bylaw, as written, is far too broad, Precinct 8 Rep. Theodore Bosen said. Many teens who are considered children under the law can be convicted of a sex crime for showing their friends a pornographic magazine, or for French kissing a girlfriend who is the not the legal age of consent. These relatively minor infractions can brand these children as sex offenders whose offense involved children. Restricting these minors from being in a state or town park means they won’t be able to participate in sports, attend events or even participate in recess, Bosen said. “This loitering statute is overly broad,” he added.

“It’s a flawed bylaw,” Precinct 8 Rep. Paul Luszcz said, adding that the measure needs more careful study and consideration before it’s ready for serious consideration by the local legislature.

A motion to eliminate the residency provision of the bylaw was defeated with a vote of 78 to 32. The sex offender article as a whole was struck down by a vote of 80 to 22.

Nebraska Proposed Sex Offender Regulations

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Nebraska Proposed Sex Offender Regulations
Nebraska Secretary of State – Proposed Regulation Details
Title: 272 Chapter(s): 019 Section(s):
Short Description: Sexual Offender Registration
View Proposed Regulation (.pdf File)
Hearing Information: 12-02-2009, 9:00 AM at Central Auditorium, Nebraska Department of Roads, 1500 Highway 2, Lincoln, NE

Agency Hearing Contact Name: Shawn Edwards (402) 471-8492

AZ State Senator’s Son Admits Sex Offense

October 27, 2009 Comments off : State senator’s son, 2nd teen admit ‘brooming’- from 2006

The son of state Senate President (now Arizona Secretary of State) Ken Bennett admitted in court Monday to assaulting middle school boys with a broomstick in their rectal areas, but a judge allowed charges against him to be reduced from 18 to one, and he may avoid jail. Three of the 18 victims, all boys between the ages of 11 and 15, are from Tucson, and the families are angry that 18-year-old Clifton Bennett and co-defendant Kyle Wheeler, 19, were not charged with sexual assault.

Also, the families said Bennett is being treated favorably by the court system because of his father’s position in the Legislature. Bennett’s plea would allow the court to classify the aggravated-assault conviction as a misdemeanor, which means he could go on to become a teacher or counselor and would never have to disclose the so-called “brooming” incident.

“I think he got a sweetheart deal,” said the father of one of the three Tucson victims, a 12-year-old boy who attends a local Catholic school. “I’d like him to get a year in prison. The victims should have been heard from before the plea was agreed to. If this was 18 girls who were victims, it would have been sexual assault.”
Ken Bennett and his family would not comment Monday. The senator and his wife were in court throughout Monday’s hearing.

Police reports say the assaults took place at Chapel Rock Camp in Prescott during a weeklong camp for school leaders in June. Witnesses told police that the junior counselors lined up the youngsters, told them to bend over and “broomsticked” them. The boys told police “broomsticking” was done alternately with a broom, a cane, a mop handle and a heavy-duty flashlight while they were clothed.

Bennett read a statement to the court in which he admitted the brooming and said he did it with the intention of insulting them through humiliation. “I know I personally broomed a number of the campers. I know I personally restrained a number of the campers. I now know this was an assault under the law,” Bennett said. ” ‘Brooming’ was the name given for the practice of poking a camper, while clothed, in the area of the butt. A broom handle, a cane and a flashlight handle were the objects used. I know all of the campers were broomed at least once.”

List of Murdered Sex Offenders

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Sex Offender Murders by A Voice of Reason : Master list of RSOs/SOs killed or murdered in the U.S.

A list of documented murders of Registered Sex Offenders in the U.S.

Denver Police Crush Sex Offender’s Car

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AP/Google : Denver police crush sex offender’s car.

Denver police have crushed a car belonging to a man who pleaded guilty to attempting to sexually assault a child. Police destroyed the vehicle of 37-year-old XXX on Tuesday, saying it’s a public nuisance.

Police say a vehicle can be considered a public nuisance in Denver if it is used to attempt a sexual assault.