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WV Man Arrested After Taking Santa Kids Photos

December 14, 2009

foxnews.com : West Virginia Photographer Arrested After Taking Pictures of Children on Santa’s Lap.

A freelance photographer is crying foul after police arrested him at a West Virginia mall, where he had taken pictures of a child sitting on Santa’s lap, according to MyFoxDC.com.

The photographer, Scott Rensberger, told MyFoxDC.com that a man came up to him on Tuesday after he took the photos and asked him to delete them. Rensberger said he complied, but then police officers approached him, questioning him why he was taking pictures of children.

Police say they arrested Rensberger after a scuffle that ensued when he started taking photos of the officers.
Rensberger was charged with battery, resisting arrest and obstruction of justice, but he denies doing anything wrong.
Rensberger said he plans to argue his case in court. “America’s gone nuts. We can’t take pictures anymore,” he said.

Hysteria run a muck in America!

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