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Neb. Sex Offender Registry to Change Drastically

December 19, 2009

ketv.com (Omaha) : Nebraska Sex Offender Registry To Change Drastically.

Mike Tollander served two years and will be on Nebraska’s sex offender registry for 10 years, but starting next year, that will change. “Now, all of a sudden, it’s going to change to a lifetime registry and I don’t think that’s fair,” said Tollander.

Tollander will also have to check in with law enforcement every three months and register all social Web sites he uses and communication devices like computers and cells phones. The new law will place all convicted sex offenders on a public site. How long their listed, depends on the crime.

A federal lawsuit questions its constitutionality, saying “not only is this burdensome on the registrants, but it creates a prohibition on their right to engage in first amendment activity free from government monitoring.”

“The new act also infringes on the privacy of the registrant’s family roommates or employers by coercing a registrant to give “consent” to search all computers or electronic communication devices “possessed by the registrant.”

A federal judge has scheduled a hearing next Wednesday to determine whether a temporary injunction should be issued.

action3news.com : Sex Offender Registry Law Heading To Court.

Earlier this year, lawmakers added stricter guidelines for sex offenders to follow. They’ll start January 1st unless one group wins in court. Tough changes that would affect every sex offender on Nebraska’s Registry are under fire. More than two dozen unnamed Nebraska residents are suing the state because of the new law.

The new law will make it legal for authorities to search sex offenders vehicle, home, and computers, including where they work at any time. Attorney General Jon Bruning believes the changes will protect children and survive any legal challenge.

A legal decision on whether the changes to the Sex Offender Registry Law is constitutional or not will be made in federal court on Wednesday.

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