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Who , Pete Townshend and Sex Offender Registry at Super Bowl

December 28, 2009

nydailynews.com : Groups protest Pete Townshend’s Super Bowl appearance over his sex offender registration.

The Who is scheduled to perform in the Super Bowl half time show this season. But if a pair of watchdog groups have their way, that won’t happen, according to ButlerReport.com.

The groups – Child AbuseWatch and Protect Our Children – are incensed that the NFL invited Pete Townshend’s band to play February’s halftime show, since the guitarist was a registered sex offender in the U.K. between 2003 and 2008. Townshend had to register for that five year period after admitting to breaking the law by searching for child pornography on his computer.

Protect Our Children has not only been protesting the NFL over the Who’s inclusion in the Super Bowl. They’ve also contacted the Immigration and Naturalization Department about the issue. They’re calling on a clause in U.S. immigration law which allows authorities to deny entrance to the country to “aliens convicted of – and those who admit – having committed a crime involving moral turpitude.”

According to the U.K.’s Guardian, the NFL has responded to the groups with a letter stating that Townshend never faced criminal charges in the matter.

Last year, Child AbuseWatch wrote to the organization behind the Kennedy Center Awards protesting their decision to honor Townshend and his band. The honor went through as planned. The Superbowl takes place Feb. 7 in Miami.

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