This is an email from a low level registrant who lives in Nebraska:

“I went down to Country Sheriffs office today to verify my registry requirements and offer my DNA and electronic identifiers.

I asked the Sheriff what an IP address is and he explained to me that my internet provider can provide me with that information. So while waiting, i called them and sat in the lobby while on hold so i can provide that information. Lady answered the phone at my internet provider.. I told her i needed my IP address to report to law enforcement. She asked if i was connected to the internet via a Wireless Router, i said yes i am. She told me that she can not provide me with my IP address since the wireless modem is plugged into the line. For them to retrieve my IP address they would need my Modem plugged directly into the cable line.

Then she told me that they use Dynamic IP Addresses – Here is a google of what that means.

Requesting DHCP computers receive a dynamic IP address (think temporary phone number) for the duration of that Internet session or for some other specified amount of time. Once the user disconnects from the Internet, their dynamic IP address goes back into the IP address pool so it can be assigned to another user. Even if the user reconnects immediately, odds are they will not be assigned the same IP address from the pool. To keep our telephone telephone analogy going, using a dynamic IP address is similar to using a pay phone. Unless there is a reason to receive a call, the user does not care what number he or she is calling from

I asked her to explain that to me while i was standing at the sheriffs office. She said that the IP Address would change every 2 days. I hung up and relayed that information to the Sheriff. Said that i can not provide the IP address because i do not know it and Time Warner Cable could not provide it to me. I then continued to tell him that according to the customer service Rep with my Internet Provider, my IP address changes every two days… I then asked him if i needed to go home and get my IP address currently and come back down and report it. He replied ” I can not give legal advice ”

How is a reasonable person subject to this section of the law suppose to comply if EVERY TIME we get on the internet a NEW IP address is given? I am pretty sure that having to report an IP address to the Sheriffs office everyday or even every 2 or 3 days would be considered a punishment. I know it would be really inconvenient for anyone…”

Lets take a closer look at the law that has been passed and is now in effect in Nebraska

According to the SOR Notice a registrant must complete a full registration including fingerprints, palm prints, a photograph and DNA which will be obtained by any registering entity in order to comply with the registration requirements. You must register all addresses, employment, school, vehicles, travel and immigration documents, professional licenses and certificates, email addresses, internet identifiers and telephone numbers as required under Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 29-4006. You are required to report any changes thereafter in three (3) working days in person with the county sheriff.

Statue 29-4006 reads:
(1) Registration information required by the Sex Offender Registration Act shall be entered into a data base in a format approved by the sex offender registration and community notification division of the Nebraska State Patrol and shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

(k) The person’s remote communication device identifiers and addresses, including, but not limited to, all global unique identifiers, serial numbers,
Internet protocol addresses, telephone numbers, and account numbers specific to the device;

So, Nebraska registrants do have to provide their IP addresses and if their IP address changes they have 3 days to notify the County Sheriff in person of their new IP address. But there is some confusion here as well because 29-4006 (13) conflicts with the in person reporting aspect, but says registrants have 1 day to update their “Internet” information.

29-4006 (13) Any person required to register under the Sex Offender Registration Act shall inform the sheriff with whom he or she is required to register of any changes in or additions to such person’s list of email addresses, instant messaging identifiers, chat room identifiers, global unique identifiers, and other Internet communication identifiers that the registrant uses or plans to use, all domain names registered by the person, and all blogs and Internet web sites maintained by the person or to which the person has uploaded any content or posted any messages or information, in writing, by the next working day. The sheriff receiving this updated information shall submit the information to the sex offender registration and community notification division of the Nebraska State Patrol, in writing, by the next working day after receipt of the information. If you do not you will not be in compliance with the registry.

So, in summary the Nebraska Legislature has created a law that will require registrants to update their internet IP address information in person every three days.

Now remember, if a registrant is not compliant with any section of the new law they will be charged with a Felony!!!

29-4006 (10)
If the person required to register under the act falsifies the registration or verification information or form or fails to provide or timely update law enforcement of any of the information required to be provided by the Sex Offender Registration Act, the person shall be in violation of this section.

29-4011 (1) Any person required to register under the Sex Offender Registration Act who violates the act is guilty of a Class IV felony.