MD Senate Bill to Revamp Sex Offender Registration

January 26, 2010 Politics: Senate Democrats offer ‘progressive’ agenda.

The Democratic leadership of the Maryland Senate announced a wide-ranging session agenda Tuesday morning that includes expansion of sex offender registration requirements:

* Sex Offenders — Registry Information Expansion and Interstate Data Sharing (Senator DeGrange). The bill would expand information contained on the Maryland Sex Offender Registry as to the offender (palm prints, travel documents, professional licensure information) and require links and information contained on other states’ registries to connect to the Maryland site. Many of the bill’s requirements would ensure compliance with the federal Adam Walsh Act, including quarterly registration instead of biannual registration for the most dangerous offenders, and retroactive application to instances before the current 1995 date.

Readers should contact Sen. DeGrange to educate him on the fact that retroactive punishment under the law is unconstitutional.

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