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NH Bill to Create Internet Murderer Registry

January 27, 2010 Comments off Bill Would Require Registration For Child Killers -Those Convicted Of 1st- Or 2nd-Degree Murder Would Have To Register.

Lawmakers in Concord are debating a bill that would require anyone convicted of first- or second-degree murder of a child to register on the state’s public safety list. Backers of the bill said it would work like the sex offender registry.

“The community will become aware that they’re there, and they can let their citizens know to avoid this area, particularly if you have children,” said Rep. Fran Wendelboe, R-Belknap. Several states have already passed similar laws. If passed in New Hampshire, it would become effective immediately.

We warned about this long ago. Once our society allows sex offenders to be publicly shamed online, it emboldens government to list many other categories of offenders on Internet registries. Other offenses, including murder, drunk driving and animal abuse have already been targeted in other states. This is the classic “slippery slope” dynamic in progress.