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100 Yr Old Sex Offender Jailed for Refusing Treatment

January 28, 2010

buffalonews.com: 100-year-old sex offender sent back to jail.

Theodore A. Sypnier, the 100-year-old sex offender, has again been put behind bars for failing to comply with parole mandates requiring him to participate in mental health treatment. Authorities on Monday said Sypnier is being detained in the Erie County Holding Center in downtown Buffalo for failure to participate in sex offender counseling aimed at trying to get him to acknowledge his transgressions.

The judge will determine what action to take on the violation, which could include a return to prison.
At this point, Sypnier’s parole will be completed by May 2012. If he lives, he will then be considered a free man, though he will have to register and periodically report his most current address to the state’s sex offender registry. But it is possible that he could be considered for proceedings under the state’s indefinite civil confinement law.

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