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Sex Offender Counselor Had Sex with Juvenile Offender

February 17, 2010 Comments off Woman Pleads Guilty to Having Sex with Juvenile Offender.

A former counselor at a treatment facility for juvenile sex offenders pleaded guilty Wednesday to having sex with a 17-year-old boy who was a resident there.

Tyra M. Greenfield, 26, was sentenced to three years of incarceration, with all but one year suspended, a term she will serve in the Baltimore County Detention Center. Circuit Judge Kathleen Cox stipulated that when she is released, Greenfield is to be on probation for three years. Greenfield works for a private contractor as part of the New Directions program.

Our question: Will she be required to register as a sex offender?

It would be ironic wouldn’t it ? If one of those who make their living by feeding off the misfortunes of those fellow humans who have made a mistake in life ….then become one of those to be judged and restricted by others…

TN Lawmakers Debate Juvenile Sex Offender Registry

February 17, 2010 Comments off Lawmakers Debate Juvenile Sex Offender Registry.

Nashville, Tenn. – Sex offender registries alert residents that there could be a criminal in the neighborhood. The registry is designed for adults, but there is a debate on Capitol Hill on whether teen offenders should be added.

“Shouldn’t victims be notified? Shouldn’t they be told? Even though this person, who was 14 years old, committed a violent sexual offense against a small child,” asked State Rep. Barrett Rich. Some who work to rehabilitate juvenile sex offenders say no.

“I am just appalled that somebody could murder someone and no consequences after they do that, but here’s somebody that has the potential to get better, and yet we are going to stigmatize them for 25 years,” said Dr. Valerie Arnold. Dr. Arnold testified before lawmakers 85 percent of sex offenders can be rehabilitated.

“If we feel like somebody is a risk to community, we don’t discharge them. We would notify the courts, DHS, the sheriff’s departments. We have a duty to warn, and we clearly believe that,” said Arnold.

If Tennessee does not create a juvenile registry, the state would not be in compliance with federal laws, meaning the state could lose out on $5 million in grant money. The grant money would go to law enforcement agencies all over Tennessee.

The juvenile sex offender bill passed out of committee on Wednesday. Lawmakers will debate the issue again next week.
Representative Maggart’s bill would call for 14 year olds through 18 year olds convicted of rape or attempted rape to go on a juvenile sex offender registry.

WI Bill Puts Voyeurs on Sex Offender Registry

February 17, 2010 Comments off WI Bill Puts Voyeurs on Sex Offender Registry.

Madison, Wis. (AP) – Video voyeurs might soon find themselves on Wisconsin’s sex offender registry. It’s currently a felony in Wisconsin to make a video recording of a nude person if the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy or is recorded in a locker room.

The state Assembly passed a measure in January that would enable judges to order voyeurs to join the Department of Corrections’ sex offender registry. The Senate passed the bill last month as well, but amended the measure to require judges to order juvenile voyeurs off the registry when they complete their dispositions. On Tuesday senators withdrew the amendment, clearing the way for Gov. Jim Doyle to sign the bill into law or veto it.