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Another Employment Avenue Closed to Sex Offenders

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Google/AP: Sex offender with letter carrier job reassigned.

Los Angeles — A Southern California letter carrier who is a registered sex offender has been reassigned after concerns were raised that he was delivering mail in an area with many children.

Postal Service spokeswoman Eva Jackson said Wednesday that Dana Kennette is now in a job that does not deal with the public. Kennette had been delivering mail in the Rancho Bernardo area of San Diego, where he lives.

To all the Justices and Courts who refuse to acknowledge the “punitive” nature of these sex offender laws :
Exactly what employment IS a registered sex offender allowed to obtain?

In California, they have already taken measures to ban sex offenders from working at fast food restaurants or anywhere else children may patronize.

CA: Another Law Named for a Dead Child

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ABCnews: ‘Chelsea’s Law’ Could Track Sex Offenders Via GPS.

Known sex offenders should be outfitted with GPS devices that would track their movements and immediately alert police if predators travelled to restricted areas near schools or parks, a California lawmaker told ABC

Following the alleged rape and murder of 17-year-old high school student Chelsea King by convicted sex offender John Albert Gardner III, Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, R- San Diego, called for a complete review of California laws intended to monitor known offenders.

Fletcher said California law requires sex offenders to register where they live, but not where they go. Police in the nearby towns of Escondido and Rancho Bernardo are working to determine if in Gardner’s routine travels between his residence and his mother’s home he attempted to abduct girls along the way.

“I’m really concerned where these sex predators go because where you live is one thing, but where you go is another matter. If you’re a certain category of sex offender you can’t go where kids congregate. You can’t go to parks, you can’t go to bus stops, you can go to schools,” Fletcher said.

“We’re looking at the possibility of using technology. Using a GPS device that’s a passive device, but the minute you cross into one of these safe zones it immediately pings a 911 call and you’ve committed a crime by violating it,” he said.

Not only was Gardner already a registered sex offender, but these pile-on sex offender laws named after dead children have proven to do nearly nothing to prevent sex offenses. This idiot Assemblyman Fletcher now wants to outfit tens of thousands of Californians with GPS monitors which would alarm police if they walk near a school or park. How ridiculous is this going to become ?

Contact this fool here:
District Office:9909 Mira Mesa Blvd., Suite 130, San Diego, CA 92131
858-689-6290, 858-689-6296 fax
Capitol Office: State Capitol, Room 2111, Sacramento, CA 95814
916-319-2075, 916-319-2175 fax
Email here.

MI Senator Goes After Homeless Sex Offenders

March 10, 2010 Comments off Richardville introduces sex offender registry bills .

State Sen. Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, recently introduced legislation to ensure registration of all sex offenders — including the homeless. The legislation is designed to ensure that all sex offenders are registered with the state by establishing requirements for homeless sex offenders, a news release said.

Sen. Richardville and members of the Senate began working on the four-bill package following the Michigan Court of Appeals’ ruling last month that homeless sex offenders do not have to register because they lack a “residence” as defined by law.

The legislative package would require homeless individuals to comply with the Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) and provide requirements for registering. Sponsored by Sen. Richardville, Senate Bill 1208 would amend the section of law dealing with the reporting requirements to include the new provisions pertaining to homeless individuals. The appeals court’s ruling on the case, the People of the State of Michigan vs. Randall Lee Dowdy, stemmed from Mr. Dowdy arguing he could not register with the SORA because he was homeless.

The four bills have been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee for further consideration.
(We need the bill numbers of these other three)

Contact this Senator, who wants to usurp the Court of Appeals decision, here:
Office Address: 205 Farnum
Mailing Address: Senator Randy Richardville, P.O. Box 30036, Lansing, MI 48909-7536
(517) 373-3543 , Fax: (517) 373-0927

WI Statewide Sex Offender Residency Bill Public Hearing

March 10, 2010 Comments off Statewide Sex Offender Residency Bill Gets Public Hearing

See prior post : WI Bill to Override Local Sex Offender Restrictions

Madison, WI- A public hearing will be held Thursday (March 11, 2010) on a bill to create statewide limits on where sex offenders can live. It would wipe out tough local ordinances with restrictions so tight, offenders are driven elsewhere. The bill would let the Corrections Department come up with statewide limits on keeping sex offenders away from schools and other places where kids congregate. But corrections’ officials have opposed some of the tougher local ordinances that exist now. They say it encourages sex offenders to go underground, and not register with the state as the law requires. The current restrictions have varied effects.

Readers in Madison Wisconsin should attend this meeting and come prepared with information to oppose these residency restriction laws.

Men Accused of Killing Sex Offender to Stand Trial

March 10, 2010 Comments off Men accused of killing convicted sex offender to stand trial.

A self-avowed white supremacist and a reputed drug dealer accused of using California’s Megan’s Law registry to hunt down and kill a convicted sex offender must stand trial on felony charges, a judge ruled Monday.

Steven Banister, 28, and Travis Martin Cody, 27, face first-degree murder charges in the Aug. 10 death of Edward Vaughn Keeley, whose body was found in his backyard in the 64000 block of 16th Avenue in North Palm Springs.

The suspects also face two special circumstance allegations of committing a murder during a robbery and a burglary, which makes them eligible for the death penalty if convicted. Prosecutors have not decided whether to seek capital punishment for the men.

Following a preliminary hearing that started Friday and continued through part of Monday morning, Riverside County Superior Court Judge Stephen Gallon ruled there was enough evidence to proceed to trial.

Keeley’s address was listed as the home of a convicted sex offender on a publicly available database created by Megan’s Law.

Banister had allegedly bragged in prison that he planned to assault homosexuals, rapists and pedophiles. He used Megan’s Law to target pedophiles and sex offenders for his burglaries, Button alleged in the declaration.

Wash. Lawmakers Limit Sex Offender Computer Use

March 10, 2010 Comments off Wash. lawmakers limit sex offender computers.

Olympia, Wash. — The Legislature has passed a measure limiting computer use by sex offenders at the state’s Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island.

The bill unanimously passed the Senate on Tuesday, and heads to Gov. Chris Gregoire for final approval. It allows an offender’s computer use to be limited to word processors that can’t display images, and have limited data storage.

Computer use is already restricted at the Special Commitment Center. Offenders can’t access the Internet, or use certain memory devices like thumb drives.

The bill is Senate Bill 6308. Read text of bill as passed here.
House vote on March 5, 2010: Third reading, passed; yeas, 97; nays, 1
Senate vote on March 9, 2010: Passed final passage; yeas, 48; nays, 0

History of Bill

as of Tuesday, March 9, 2010 8:46 PM

Sponsors: Senators Carrell, King, Marr, Stevens, Becker, Roach
Companion Bill: HB 3114