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WI Statewide Sex Offender Residency Bill Public Hearing

March 10, 2010

whbl.com: Statewide Sex Offender Residency Bill Gets Public Hearing

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Madison, WI- A public hearing will be held Thursday (March 11, 2010) on a bill to create statewide limits on where sex offenders can live. It would wipe out tough local ordinances with restrictions so tight, offenders are driven elsewhere. The bill would let the Corrections Department come up with statewide limits on keeping sex offenders away from schools and other places where kids congregate. But corrections’ officials have opposed some of the tougher local ordinances that exist now. They say it encourages sex offenders to go underground, and not register with the state as the law requires. The current restrictions have varied effects.

Readers in Madison Wisconsin should attend this meeting and come prepared with information to oppose these residency restriction laws.

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