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Ohio Sex Offender Registration Law

March 22, 2010

Often, as we look at the generalities of these sex offender laws, we neglect to actually post the law itself, and how it is written. Anyone seeking to learn exactly what the Ohio Sex Offender and Notification Law (Senate Bill 10- Adam Walsh Act – SORNA) says, should read it for themselves.

The Ohio Revised Code is posted online through the LAW Writer® web site (http://codes.ohio.gov/orc). You can search terms , section numbers or chapter numbers throughout the text of the ORC via the search box on that page.

For example, by searching “2950” you will find:
where you can read the law in its entirety.

By searching “sex offender fees” you will find:
311.171 Fees for sex offender registration and notification.http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/311.171 where you can read the state law regarding the charging of fees to sex offenders for the privilege of registering at the County Sheriff offices. This will explain what income level allows for exemption from paying fees, and what they can do to you if you do not/cannot pay these fees (they can only pursue it like any other bill/debt):

“(6) The sheriff shall report unpaid fees in accordance with division (C) of section 325.31 of the Revised Code, and the county may recover those fees in a civil action in the same manner as other money due the county.

(D) Each time a person appears before the sheriff to provide any registration or verification specified in division (B) of this section for which the sheriff charges a fee, the sheriff shall determine whether the person is able to pay the fee. In making that determination, the sheriff shall determine whether the person’s income is less than one hundred twenty-five per cent of the federal poverty level. A person whose income is equal to or greater than one hundred twenty-five per cent of the federal poverty level shall be considered able to pay the fee.”

By searching “sex offender email” you can find exactly what personal information the Sheriff Department is permitted to obtain from you.

2950.04 Duty to register – form

2950.041 Personal registration with sheriff.

2950.05 Notice of residence address change.

In these sections you can find that information includes “vehicle information, email addresses, internet identifiers, or telephone numbers registered to or used by the offender or registrant”. Employment information, travel documents, ect. are also required. But you should read this for yourself. We are simply providing information resource for you to educate yourself.

**This posting is for reference purposes only and should not be interpreted as legal advice in any way. If you need legal advice, contact an attorney.

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