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Steve Austria: Bad for Ohio

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We have reported several times on Ohio Congressmen Steve Austria’s unsavory character. We thought it only fair that we re-post all the corruption reports of this man’s time in office as he advertises his “Steve Austria for Congress” campaign.

Multiple issues involving corruption and fraud of Steve Austria were uncovered in 2008. He has thumped his chest about violating the constitutional rights of 30,000 Ohio citizens, has taken more than a half million dollars in contributions from “big money special interests, including some of the world’s largest health care, insurance, oil, and banking companies – the same people who are responsible for many of the most serious problems facing our country. Austria steered a no-bid contract to former Rep. Dave Hobson’s campaign contributors, which has been equated with the corrupt activity that has landed former congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA) in federal prison. Austria denied 2,000 citizens their right to place on the ballot an initiative to vote up or down on $14 million of Greene County tax dollars for financing The Greene, privately developed by Steiner and Associates. Charges were brought against Austria for steering ‘No Bid’ government contracts to to campaign contributors of Rep. Dave Hobson.

The Dayton Daily News editorial board criticized Austria as being “scared of saying anything that might offend”. The board concluded that if voters select Austria “they are settling for mediocrity, quite possibly on a long-term basis.” DDN wrote that “Austria’s attacks are shameful” and that “Austria has not earned a major promotion” as he has “no compelling record”.

Steve Austria is also responsible for sponsoring the Ohio Adam Walsh Act/Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, which violates the constitutional rights of 30,000 Ohio citizens by retroactively reclassifying them into higher tiers and imposing life-long restrictions and registration requirements onto them. Two years after he thumped his chest about passing this terrible and abusive law, he admitted that his law is not effective. “Austria acknowledged, though, that no law probably could have been written that would have avoided the “horrific and disturbing tragedy” that’s unfolding in Cleveland.”

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