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97% of Sex Offenders in Riverside County are in Compliance

May 14, 2010

myvalleynews.com(CA): 97 percent of convicted sex offenders in Riverside County are reported to be in compliance.

An unprecedented 97 percent of convicted sex offenders living in Riverside County were in compliance with the state’s registration requirements in April.

District Attorney’s Office spokesman Michael Jeandron said the county’s Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement team, composed of law enforcement officers from 16 agencies, recorded a 3 percent noncompliance rate among sex offenders countywide last month.

The rate of noncompliance had been hovering around 5 percent for the last year, according to officials, who said there are 3,269 convicted sex offenders residing in the county.

This is not, as the article implies, a result of some great effort by law enforcement agencies. As Iowa reported last week, most (92%)of those forced to register do so in compliance with the laws. Despite the lies told to you by the media, the large majority of sex offenders comply with registration as they are required, even though these laws are violating their constitutional rights.

Also know that law enforcement’s definition of “non-compliance” includes those who may make human errors, or try to comply but get caught up in a technicality. This is why you should not trust their statistics on compliance, recidivism, ect.. Of course, statistically, the numbers will be similar across the nation. That is how statistical data works.

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